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Pastor Phil Steadman


Phil and his wife, Dawn, came to Bennington as a result of asking themselves the question: “In light of what we believe about God…what do we do next?” Feeling led to serve in ministry the Steadman’s shifted from factory work and a family of four  - to an active life of ministry and a family of 14, now with a few foreign exchange students, Children-in-Law and Grand-kids in the mix as well!

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They came into the area for a seminary education at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. They believe that our call to “go and make disciples” begins in the home and extends in radiating circles into the neighborhoods, regions, and the world.

In their home, Phil and Dawn, began to teach their kids that service doesn’t have to wait until they are grown, and together with their three children still living at home, began to do respite care for the foster care system in their county. As they came to love the kids in their care this has led to their adoption of eight children.

A few years later and they participated in the start of Capstone Baptist Church, a new work in a beautifully restored 19th century church that had closed its doors.  A combination of the great Commission and Great Commandment focus guided the effort. Worshiping God, loving others, and passing it on through servant evangelism, passionate music and gospel preaching.

Regionally Phil is participating in South Western Vermont’s Church Planting Network. He is also training to be a SBC Disaster Relief Chaplain. His term on the school board at Grace Christian is coming to an end this June.

World wide ministry, thus far, has been limited to two short term missions to India and regular support of the Southern Baptist’s Cooperative Program.

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